Montag, 9. April 2012

Cats and Artwork

I had the pleasure to be part of a photo series by artist Maeshelle West-Davies this past week and not only did she take some lovely photos of me and my posing partner, but I also had the chance to snap a couple of great shots featuring the more outgoing ones of her five cats...

Shorty contemplating the outside world

elegant Shorty

Cindy playing...

Shorty I

Shorty II

Tarcin...looks a lot like my Lucy
Tarcin on my back...
Cindy being absolutely adorable...

About the photo series: 

Duet is a project where people are teamed up who usually have never met. In the process of shooting beautiful things happen.

Premiere of video OPEN DUET is Sat 28 April Leipzig Writers' event DUETS http://www.leipzigwriters.blogspot.de/

DUET exhibition at Ponyhof Gallery this summer: http://www.pferdemaedchen.net/content/leipzig-ponyhof-galerie

Images from the DUET series can also be found at Studio 44 https://www.facebook.com/studio44apartments
Outtake (with Cindy)

 More outtakes here.

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