Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

Summer in town

The promised storm did not come. A few feeble drops cooled things down for half a day. The joy I felt when I first heard the wind slightly rustling the tree's leaves, when it grew more fierce whilst the light retreated steadily, blowing scraps of paper and all the rubbish across the pavements and the tarmac still radiating the day's heat, when finally I ran downstairs, outside to catch the pelting raindrops on my hot and sweaty skin, the joy is gone. Muffled by the dry air, sickly sweet with the smell of blooming trees.

Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

back to the roots

Hatte ich's schon erwähnt? 

Da mein treuer PC seine mittlerweile mehr als 8 Jahre nicht mehr verleugnen kann und wieder ein Mal genau die gleichen Zicken, wie vor etwa einem halben Jahr veranstaltet, stand eine Neuerung ins Haus... 

simple creature

Sometimes I'm really just a simple creature. And that's why this was my greatest achievement today so far...

Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

a rather long post about cats

Cats that crossed my path in the last months and stood still long enough to have their picture taken...

The black backyard cat - took a while to convince her I'm friendly.

Garfield-like tomcat from my street. Took him in for a couple of hours to save him from the cold winter air. He had icicles hanging from his whiskers...

zwei mal acht und ein bisschen seetang

Heute in der Otto-Schill-Straße gesehen. Toll.

Kleiner Mann - was nun?

Ah yes, I'm still alive...although I managed to let more than a month pass between today and the last entry...
And even now I should be doing something else instead of writing this. All I've been really doing recently is complaining. A very female trait. Or a very German one?