Dienstag, 14. August 2012

Garden Time

A while ago i went back home to the forest. And took pictures of all the pretty flowers in the garden. And the cats...because every good post starts with a cat.

Samstag, 11. August 2012

On the boat...

...not a lot happened. We got wet waiting for it and we tried to get dry while happily boating along.

Seaweed beards

Being close to the sea, there was lots of seaweed all around. Some growing on rocks in the water looked like green beards or funny green haircuts. Somehow the seaweed found its way into a real life beard too. 

lighthouses, cornfields & 164 steps

So this is the day we went to Kap Arkona. By bus, which was a rather tiresome journey. The place was overrun with tourists, the weather was fairly nice though. We had our lunch while sitting on the concrete hatch of an old war time bunker and afterwards clambered up the 164 steps of the taller of the two lighthouses. I've been here before, but nothing is as I remember it. Or maybe I just don't remember very well.

Freitag, 10. August 2012

Storm approaching

On our first night in Sassnitz, the local harbour festival was still in full swing.  They wanted to finish on a high note with a special fireworks display. Unfortunately a quickly approaching thunder storm didn't want this to happen. Of course we got wet on our way to the holiday flat. Kinda started a pattern there.

Seagulls in Sassnitz Harbour

One day I even bought a loaf of bread just so I could feed it to the seagulls.

Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

Holiday wildlife

These are cormorants...

Also the cormorant was the disguise used by Satan in Milton's Paradise Lost. Satan sat on top of the Tree of Life as a cormorant in his first attempt to deceive and tempt Eve.

Guess we scared them off.

Don't trust what you read on the internet.

On another one of our holidaying days we went to Kap Arkona, they have lighthouses there. Near to those was supposed to be the "traditional fishing village" of Vitt. Or so the tourist information website said. Traditional my ass. Only because they had some thatched roofs and only 72 inhabitants it was nowhere near traditional. When I hear traditional and village in one sentence, I'm inclined to expect something like the wonderful Kerry Bog Village. And that was definitely not what we found there. Motorboats, modern cars parked in neatly fenced in front yards. With ugly new metal fences. A shabby little cafe containing two grumpy employees that probably didn't get any new clothes or style advice since the wall came down and so on. I know moan, moan, moan, but honestly, this was definitely not what we expected.

Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Day out in Binz.

More holiday pictures, we took a trip on a boat from the small harbour town of Sassnitz to the fairly posh seaside resort Binz. What did we do there? We walked around, took lots of pictures and hand fed some sparrows (photos of these still to come). The weather was not very summerly for a day in Mid-July, but we still had some ice cream.

beach chairs and a girl's bum

more beach chairs

Montag, 6. August 2012

Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Beautiful People

This is an outtake. But actually it's the picture I like best of the whole shoot. Afterwards, without full make-up and the necklace that was the actual object of the pictures...