Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Day out in Binz.

More holiday pictures, we took a trip on a boat from the small harbour town of Sassnitz to the fairly posh seaside resort Binz. What did we do there? We walked around, took lots of pictures and hand fed some sparrows (photos of these still to come). The weather was not very summerly for a day in Mid-July, but we still had some ice cream.

beach chairs and a girl's bum

more beach chairs

mega bubbles

fallen down ceiling of an abandoned building

futuristic thingy...whatever for I don't know

pines...lots of pines

old troll?

old troll close up

dead shoe


I see you.

lonely strret

Where's the clown?


  1. The tree-thingy looks rather like an ent - at least it's wood. Trolls are stone and only if deep frozen quiet intelligent (says Terry Pratchett).
    In fact it looks like several little entings to me.
    Some more photos of this? I think it's worth a drawing.

  2. bubble & balloons are especially cool

    1. Thank you Martin. Do you see now why I neglect posting on the other blog? Have to get things started up again here first...


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