Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

Don't trust what you read on the internet.

On another one of our holidaying days we went to Kap Arkona, they have lighthouses there. Near to those was supposed to be the "traditional fishing village" of Vitt. Or so the tourist information website said. Traditional my ass. Only because they had some thatched roofs and only 72 inhabitants it was nowhere near traditional. When I hear traditional and village in one sentence, I'm inclined to expect something like the wonderful Kerry Bog Village. And that was definitely not what we found there. Motorboats, modern cars parked in neatly fenced in front yards. With ugly new metal fences. A shabby little cafe containing two grumpy employees that probably didn't get any new clothes or style advice since the wall came down and so on. I know moan, moan, moan, but honestly, this was definitely not what we expected.


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