Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

A long year

This of course is no photography, but something just as nice - moving pictures! Also it features the cat, quite a lot of the cat (and her other owner too)...so go and watch it.

366 from Curios and Knickknacks on Vimeo.
366 was a year long project, that started on February 1st 2012 and ended on January 31st 2013. By filming every day of the year and picking a few seconds from each day 366 was created.


  1. Schööööön!! Ich liebe das Video :-) Welche Kamera hast du dafür genutzt?

  2. Gefilmt hat das Ganze meine bessere Hälfte. Und zwar mit ner Canon Eos 7d, ner 5d Mk II und einer Flipcam (bit.ly/11hTFDD).


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