Montag, 12. April 2010

why does it always rain on me?

Or maybe I should ask why does it always start raining when I leave somewhere and stop right when I arrive at the front door to safety and warmth?
I've been a cyclist again for not much more than a month, with all the good and the bad things it brings along...
Whether the cyclist be mad or solitary indeed is another matter. Most of the time I'm solitary and nearly always I'm driving like mad. Perhaps that's why no one wants to ride along, they're too scared. Aha!

Anyway, I already had my fair share of nice bike rides in the sun with spring stretching its arms all around me. Trees blossoming, birds chirping and the grass turning from that murky yellow to  a bold and healthy green. There aren't many things better than cycling home in the morning, directly into the sunrise (the benefit of living in the eastern part of town) and for the first time of the year experiencing the strange feeling you have when the street lamps go out all of a sudden although your thoughts are still stuck somewhere in the past night. Or going through town, splitting the masses of consumption hungry vultures into different patterns, passing people enjoying the sun somewhere on a bench or on the grass. Out and about on the bumpy roads of the town (because they've suffered a lot during the winter. There are pot holes as deep as pits - at least it feels like it if you happen to overlook one of them...).
Now the weather has changed again. It's April, fair enough, but is there really a need for not only rain that soaks you to the bone, but also cold and merciless wind always blowing right into your face? I'm not sure there is. I know there's no bad weather, only the wrong attire. So, anyone willing to lend me a windscreen wiper for my glasses? Otherwise I somehow seem to see more clearly without them in the rain...
At the moment I'm sitting here, watching the drops from my wet hair falling onto the desk whilst the sun is shining through my still quite tidy windows onto the wet clothes hanging from the armchair. I just hope it doesn't start raining again when I make my way to the rehearsal. Keep your fingers crossed.

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