Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010


Why is it that at times when you're already at odds with yourself and one personal crisis is followed by the next everything else around seems to conspire against you?
Hastily running to take a pointless phone call my woolly socks felt like parting with the ground and made me hit a wooden chair, my carefully piled up records and my wardrobe, thereby ripping the bottom drawer from its holder. Putting things back together? Forget it.
What else could be bugging me? The dismal weather, cold, grey, wet and dark. My inability to do anything productive. The empty box of cigarettes in front of me. The mess in the kitchen I can't be bothered to clean on my own. And another matter that has yet to be verified...
Possibly it's about time to go outside and scream very loud and high-pitched again....graaaaaaaaaaaahhhh...

Mama, dein Kind macht Dummheiten...


  1. thx for marking my phone call as pointless

  2. well, that one was because you couldn't really talk anyway, right?

  3. Just like it always is. I didn't expect something different.

  4. haha, yeah but still ^^ pointless sounds so cruel ^^

  5. did screaming loudly ever help (not counting childhood)?


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